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Restaurant Wurstkueche in Tuebingen

Many owners, many leaseholder, many names: the gastronomy-history goes back 200 years. For our guests, for you, we feel formly bound. Since 1987 Gunter Alleborn and his team manage the gastronomy part of the house.

Our kitchen

With our down-home swabian kitchen, which is well-known and popular far in excess of the city limit since then.

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You are sure to have already noticed: We love (and life) our geographical market

Our meals and drinks are targeted for goods within our region. The Tuebinger Wurstkueche is member of “Schmeck den Süden” Baden-Wuerttemberg and “Haus der Baden-Württemberger Weine” and takes part at the campaign”Regionale Speisekarte“. At the magnificent Ammer valley there grows the grain for our flour. The grain is grounded in a mill on location. On the fields of farmer Beck potatoes are planted and harvested especially for us and the popular Filder Spitzkraut cabbage aswell.


The swabian Maultaschen (pasta pockets) are produced according to our old recipe. We purchase pigmeat and beef from selected producers from Baden-Württemberg. There we buy our pasta pockets, meat and sausage products skilfully processed following our recipes. The fruits for our new wine from meadow orchards are pressed at Hofgut Schwärzloch.

To the table and in our glasses you will find wines from well-known winegrowers and producers at Baden und Württemberg only. Every
liquid appetizer and schnaps are produced from regional distillers from Tübingen, the Lenninger Tal and Stuttgart. Even our herbal schnapps “die Keule” is made by a local pharmacy of Tübingen.
Salad and vegetables we buy from the Poltringer Mühle and growing areas located at Baden-Württemberger.

If you want some more information about our cooperations and memberships A cooperation of restaurateurs from Baden-Württemberg The strong restaurateurs union Slow Food is a word wide coalition of connoisseurs and major consumers, who have committed their work to keeping alive and conserving the culture of food and drink. Restaurants and hotels with the corresponding award Coalition of restauraterus from Tübingen


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